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hi my name is matt jack and i'm going to be bringing you a cornucopia fun easy and safe things to make in your house and play with now I'm going to show you how to make purple play-doh sorry now let's look at our ingredients for our play-doh we've got some table salt we've got some plain flour some water we've got our colors over here now I'm going to be using a cup for measuring it doesn't really matter what you use it's all about proportions and the proportions are one cup of salt two cups of flour - never use the salt just to kill off any germs it's just really a preservative obviously it's so salty that although it is edible I don't think anyone would really like to try it and then I've got one cup of water measured in here now I'll need to give that a good mix once you get all of it nicely mixed in we're going to help with the color or we're gonna have to cook it and then the coloring comes right to the end once it's all cooled down so here we are once we got to this consistency don't worry about any lumps in the flour we're going to put it on the stove on a medium heat for a few minutes until it's changed consistency right so I've taken the dough mixture from the bowl and we've put it into a saucepan I got it on a medium heat you just need to stir that around now again the cooking really does depend on how powerful your oven is how much you're cooking of course but you will feel that it really starts to get thicker and thicker and think of quite elastic and when you get to that stage then you know that you're getting somewhere you can see this is quite porridge II we don't have that elastic stage yet should be springing back as I do that but it does suddenly turn so don't worry if it's taking you a little while keep going I can see at the bottom anyway it's really starting to solidify then if you can see there keep it going making sure you're moving it all around don't let it cook on the bottom when I'm trying to cook it right so after a few minutes we've given it a good stir and if we look down now at the saucepan we can see we've got one lump and all we have to do with this is if you have to put it aside on a chopping board in this case I'm just gonna try not to touch too much remember it is hot and we're gonna leave that for a few minutes about 10-15 minutes and then we can start adding color right so once you've let the dough dry and cool down a bit we're going to use the colour so we're making purple so we need a little bit of red food coloring and I've made a small hole there just put it in there and another small hole here put some blue okay now we're going to fold it over try and keep as much as you can in that and more start to mix it around so get it into your hands don't worry making a mess fold it we fold it really nicely mixed up keep going until it's all nice...